Remembering Spanish Civil War veteran

Frank Casey

Frank Casey - Credit: Archant

Performers from a benefit concert last year reunited to mark the end of an exhibition featuring a statue by Frank Casey (pictured) of Spanish Civil War veteran, Tom Watters

A recent exhibition at the Museum of St Albans included the statue of Tom Watters, the last surviving Scottish veteran of the Spanish Civil War.

After returning from Spain, where he served for two years in the Scottish Ambulance Unit, Tom lived the rest of his life in St Albans and died in the city in 2012 at the age of 99 Also on display were photos of Tom in his youth in Spain and in his latter years, as well an exhibit about the Spanish Civil War loaned by the International Brigade Memorial Trust.

Many people contributed to the costs of casting the statue but one of the most substantial contributions came from a benefit concert held last year as part of the Folk at the Maltings series.

On the last afternoon of the exhibition, a short concert by some of the performers who had taken part in the benefit concert, was held at the museum.

It featured Linda Fryd from Harpenden and the duo na-mara, made up of Rob Garcia and Paul McNamara - Rob is of Spanish descent and was born in London to parents who arrived in the UK in 1937 as child refugees from the Spanish Civil War.