Proclaimers bring Scot rock to Alban Arena

IT was a full house for Scottish rock-crooners The Proclaimers at the Alban Arena last Wednesday (17).

Fans young and old eagerly awaited the two spectacled brothers hailing from Fife.

With a career spanning 26 decades and nine albums under their belt, the duo have got enough of a back catalogue to play for several hours.

But for tonight St Albans had the pair for just over an hour and a half – and what an hour and a half it was.

Favourites Letter from America, I’m on my way, and Sunshine on Leith delighted the crowds, with most of the celebrated musicians’ hits encouraging the whole arena to get out their seats and dance.

It seems people can’t get enough of the brothers’ Scottish lilt, which has helped them to dominate the charts on numerous occasions, both here and across the pond.

But it was clear everyone was waiting for one song and one song only - I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles).

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The atmosphere was electric as concert-goers chanted and belted out the famous words which gave the twins worldwide success.

Not only were they musically on-point, the band also kept up the crowd’s excitement by regularly talking and making jokes, including highlighting how a little boy at the front had been asleep the whole concert.

Celtic jigs mixed with melodic piano choruses and moody guitar riffs, with accordions and banjos providing a more exotic influence to the upbeat music.

After exiting the stage the brothers were swiftly called back on stage by the rapturous crowd for an encore.

There’s no denying Craig and Charlie Reid know how to entertain a crowd with their timeless, catchy music and enthusiastic personalities.