Pantaloons staging whole of Canterbury Tales at Shenley Park

OPEN-air theatre comes to Shenley Park next Thursday, June 30, when The Pantaloons are performing their new complete version of Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales.

In what may well be a theatrical first, The Pantaloons are performing every single one of the 23 completed Canterbury Tales – with a cast of just six actors playing 70 parts.

Every story will be told in a different theatrical style ranging from pantomime, puppetry and masks, to musicals, mime, fare, reality television, horror and opera. Even Shakespeare gets a look in.

The Pantaloons are taking a break from the Bard this year to breathe new life into the Canterbury Tales which follows a group of pilgrims who decide to hold a story-telling contest on the road from Southwark to the shrine of St Thomas a Becket in Canterbury. They include a Knight, a Miller, a Monk, a Prioress, a Shipman and the notorious Wife of Bath.

For those unfamiliar with Middle English, the show has been translated into modern language. Co-producer and co-author, Caitlin Storey, said: “It’s all about being faithful to the original text whilst making it relevant to a modern audience. It’s a tricky line to walk but as we were translating we realised that the key things were to keep it accessible and keep it funny.”

Like Chaucer’s original, the show promises plenty of bawdy fun but is family friendly and suitable for all ages.

The performance begins at 7pm and tickets are �12/�9 in advance and �14/�11 on the door.