Uplifting concert show Never Been Better to celebrate 'freedom' after COVID year

Never Been Better can be seen at The Radlett Centre.

Never Been Better can be seen at The Radlett Centre. - Credit: Sam Taylor

Talented up-and-coming performers will be putting on a post-COVID celebratory concert in Radlett this week.

OffSet Creative show Never Been Better can be seen at The Radlett Centre on Thursday, September 2.

It will be a jam-packed night of song and celebration to mark and reflect on one of the hardest years.

Organiser Sam Taylor said: "Our show, Never Been Better, was put together by myself and my friends as a way to celebrate our newfound freedom at the back of this past COVID-ridden year.

"The songs all focus on different themes of isolation and freedom and the narrative follows the time period between March 2020 and July 2021 in which, as we know, so much happened.

"All the performers are up-and-coming performing artists, some theatrical, some more pop, rock etc."

This will be the first independently produced OffSet event and the showcase will be an opportunity to see some future stars take to the stage.

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Sam added: "Our show features a mixture of original songs and covers of songs from the stage, screen and charts.

"It's an uplifting evening celebrating us, remembering everything from the last year and looking forward to a better future."

For tickets, visit www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/never-been-better-the-radlett-centre-tickets-162349340247 

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