Drive-in cinema arriving at London Luton Airport

Nightflix will be bringing drive-in cinema to London Luton Airport.

Nightflix will be bringing drive-in cinema to London Luton Airport. - Credit: Nightflix

Drive-in cinema is coming to London Luton Airport with film screenings including hit movies The Greatest Showman, Mamma Mia!, Grease and Knives Out.

The airport has teamed up with Nightflix Outdoor Cinema to bring the big screen to Luton as lockdown restrictions are eased further.

Drive-in cinema is now allowed as part of Step 2 of the government's exit roadmap out of lockdown.

The long-stay car park at London Luton Airport (LLA) will host the Nightflix Outdoor Cinema for three weeks, from Wednesday, April 28 to Friday, May 21, 2021.

It will screen a diverse range of hit movies, including much-loved classics Mamma Mia!, Dirty Dancing and Grease, alongside recent family favourites such as The Greatest Showman and Frozen II, and recent blockbuster, Scoob!

Other movies include Bohemian Rhapsody, Paddington, Rocketman, A Star Is Born and Hot Fuzz.

Viewers will be able to watch the films on the huge, outdoor cinema screen from the comfort of their vehicle.

Nightflix will be bringing drive-in cinema to London Luton Airport.

Nightflix will be bringing drive-in cinema to London Luton Airport. - Credit: Nightflix:

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Nightflix staff will also be on hand to ensure customers can enjoy food, snacks and drinks while watching the film, which will be delivered directly to their vehicle.

Customer and staff safety will remain the number one priority and all government guidelines will be adhered to and track and trace will be in operation.

Nightflix marketing manager Christine Penrose said: “Following the incredible demand we’ve seen with our Nightflix drive-in cinema events, we are really looking forward to bringing this experience to a much wider audience, which has been well received so far after a long year of lockdown!

"We want to treat them with their favourite films, drinks, and delicious food in a safe environment.

"With the protective measures we have put in place, we are sure everyone will be able to enjoy their evening out with us.’'

Hosting Nightflix is another example of the way that LLA has diversified over the last 12 months, following the cancellation of passenger flights throughout much of the pandemic.

It also hosted an NHS testing centre, and continues to provide volunteers and support for the vaccination rollout.

Mark Jennings, head of commercial development at London Luton Airport said: “It’s great to have Nightflix at the airport.

"Hosting the open-air cinema is another way we are contributing to the local community throughout the pandemic.

"I for one have really missed the cinema over the last 12 months and can’t wait to enjoy some classics with my family!”

Nightflix will be bringing drive-in cinema to London Luton Airport.

Nightflix will be bringing drive-in cinema to London Luton Airport. - Credit: Nightflix

The list of Nightlix film screenings set for London Luton Airport is:


  • 28th - 18:00: The Greatest Showman 
  • 28th - 21:15: Mamma Mia!
  • 29th - 18:00: Happy Feet
  • 29th - 21:00: Knives Out 
  • 30th - 18:00: Frozen II
  • 30th - 21:15: Grease


  • 1st - 11:00: The Lego Movie
  • 1st - 14:00: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
  • 1st - 18:00: Mean Girls
  • 1st - 18:00: A Star Is Born
  • 2nd - 14:00: Scoob!
  • 2nd - 17:00: The Wizard of Oz
  • 2nd - 20:15: Grease
  • 3rd - 14:00: Paddington
  • 3rd - 17:00: Gremlins
  • 3rd - 20:15: Bohemian Rhapsody  
  • 4th - 18:00: Finding Dory 
  • 4th - 21:30: The Empire Strikes Back    
  • 6th - 18:00: Scoob! 
  • 6th - 21:00: The Italian Job    
  • 7th - 18:00: Jumanji: The Next Level     
  • 7th - 21:30: Dirty Dancing    
  • 8th - 11:00: Spies in Disguise    
  • 8th - 14:00: Scoob! 
  • 8th - 18:00: The Greatest Showman
  • 8th - 21:15: Rocketman
  • 9th - 14:00: The Princess Bride   
  • 9th - 17:00: Ferris Bueller's Day Off   
  • 9th - 20:15: Bridesmaids
  • 10th - 18:00: Finding Nemo 
  • 10th - 21:00: Bad Boys for Life    
  • 11th - 18:00: Dora and the Lost City of Gold   
  • 11th - 21:00: Wonder Woman 1984   
  • 12th - 18:00: The Lego Batman Movie
  • 12th - 21:15: Mean Girls
  • 14th - 18:00: The Greatest Showman 
  • 14th - 21:15: Grease
  • 15th - 14:00: The Goonies   
  • 15th - 17:45: Mamma Mia! 
  • 15th - 21:00: Footloose   
  • 16th - 14:00: Shrek 
  • 16th - 17:00: Labyrinth  
  • 16th - 20:00: Dirty Dancing  
  • 17th - 18:00: The Lion King 2019 
  • 17th - 21:15: Joker
  • 18th - 18:00: Shrek 2
  • 18th - 21:15: Bridesmaids
  • 19th - 18:00: Scoob!    
  • 19th - 21:00: The Lost Boys
  • 20th - 18:00: The Greatest Showman
  • 20th - 21:15: Hot Fuzz
  • 21st - 18:00: Frozen    
  • 21st - 21:15: A Star Is Born.

Tickets can be bought online at

Gates will open one hour before the film start time.

All attendees in the vehicle must be of the correct age for the film showing.

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