New murder-mystery event is coming to St Albans

Players of CluedUpp

Players of CluedUpp - Credit: Archant

Budding detectives can test their investigation skills in a new murder-mystery manhunt that is coming to St Albans next month.

Dubbed as a cross between Pokemon-Go and the popular board game Cluedo, players will need to hunt across the city locating 15 virtual witnesses, solving clues, eliminating suspects and eventually catching the real ‘killer’.

Participants will meet at the Inn on the Park cafe in Verulamium Park, where teams will use an Android-only app to play the game, on February 25.

There will be red herrings to avoid and murder weapons to rule out.

Becky Griffiths, one of CluedUpp’s owners, said: “Since we started, St Albans was always going to be one of our very first destinations.

“We live nearby in Bedfordshire and have often spent an afternoon walking around the city.

“Verulamium Park in particular is stunning and there are plenty of landmarks to build the game around.”

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Nearly 1,000 people signed up to play the same game in Manchester, while in Milton Keynes, the whole event completely sold out in five days.

About 50 tickets will be released on January 30 at £28 per couple or £38 for four people.

It lasts from 9am to 12pm, teams consist of between two and six people, and every group uncovers the murderer will get a small prize.

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