Monkey business at Harpenden Children’s Centre

A PROJECT which partners a children’s centre with pre-school music specialists is going to be extended across the UK.

Harpenden Children’s Centre and Monkey Music was created and developed in the town so that families who would not normally have access to pre-school music classes can experience a free five-week programme of Monkey Music classes.

Formed in 1992, Monkey Music is for babies and toddlers aged between three months and four years and its founder, Angie Coates, has been striving to broaden its reach to less fortunate children and families to whom it could make a big difference.

Working closely with the staff at Harpenden Children’s Centre, she developed her ideas and as a direct result of the work pioneered in the town, Monkey Music’s network of teachers are now developing programmes with children’s centres across the UK.

Said Angie: “Our experiences in Hertfordshire have shown the dramatic, positive impact Monkey Music Community classes can have.

“Local families have got to know each other and have shared new and positive experiences. This has enabled them to seek further similar opportunities within the wider community.

Pat Everett, Harpenden Children Centre manager, added: “Working in partnership with Monkey Music has been a rewarding and valuable experience for everyone. The families who attended the classes thoroughly enjoyed themselves and parents were delighted with the reaction of their children to the classes.”