Man in Black, Bucks Fizz and Creeds Cross come to Radlett Centre

Bart Foley with Creed's Cross

Bart Foley with Creed's Cross - Credit: Archant

Singer and guitarist Bart Foley won’t have far to travel when Creeds Cross appear at the Radlett Centre tomorrow night. (16)

Bart Foley with Creed's Cross

Bart Foley with Creed's Cross - Credit: Archant

For Bart, who created the rock and folk band, lives in Sandridge and was a one-time resident of Radlett.

He moved from West London To Radlett in 2006 and said of the transition: “Life just changed. I was very unsure about moving so far from London, until I realised that I could get into London faster from Radlett via the train than when I lived there.

“The pace of life was slower, friendlier and safer, so much so that it was incredible to think we were only 20 minutes from London

Bart now lives in Sandridge - and loves it. He said: “St Albans is absolutely packed with musicians and so many pubs and bars have live music and they are so well supported by the residents.”

Born in Ireland, Bart has worked with a host of acts over the years including Cilla Black and All Saints. He created Creeds Cross to fuse traditional instruments like the fiddle and the banjo with more contemporary guitars and drums.

His latest creation, The Celtic Journey, documents the worldwide journey of the Celtic influence across the globe. Bart added: “Bringing this to Radlett is incredibly exciting for me as it really is a sort of homecoming in a way.”

Creeds Cross can be seen at 7.30pm and tickets and further information can be obtained by calling 01923 859291 or click here.

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The show, which starts at 8pm, features duets with Jill Schoonjan as his wife and singing partner June Carter including Don’t You Think It’s Come Our Time and Jackson.

Bucks Fizz, one-time winners of the Eurovision Song Contest which made them household names, perform at the Radlett Centre the following night, Friday, September 23.

In the years after their victory in the contest, they released over 20 singles including three number ones, My Camera Never Lies, Land Of Make Believe and Making Your Mind Up.

They sold in excess of 15 million records spending 219 weeks in the UK charts and are now celebrating 35 years since winning Eurovision. The show starts at 8pm.

A change of tempo next Saturday, September 24, finds the theatre hosting a visit from the Pasadena Roof Orchestra playing classics from the great American song book.

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