Lights, action, costume change at St Albans Gang Show!

Elliot from St Albans Gang Show

Elliot from St Albans Gang Show - Credit: Archant

DURING the course of the 34th St Albans Gang and Scout Show at the Alban Arena, we have been publishing updates from some of the youngsters involved in the event.

This is my second year of being in St Albans Gang Show and I’m really enjoying this year’s show – which for me, like many of the cast, includes SIX costume changes!

Thursday night’s show was brilliant. I think it was better than Wednesday night because at that show we hadn’t done it before. Also Harpenden Gang Show were watching and they were singing and clapping and got all the audience joining in with them.

My favourite things in this year’s show are the opening when we all run on for the second song, as it’s a really bouncy song after a slow one which I like.

And I also like a sketch that I’m in – I can’t give too much away for people who haven’t seen the show yet - but it’s a take-off of a TV show and I’m a bouncer. The jokes are funny and I really like my costume - who would have thought a bouncer’s costume was so comfortable?

I’m not so nervous for myself this year but I feel more nervous for people who’ve got to sing on their own rather than for myself. We have to keep our eye on the ball – we have a lot to live up to as last year we were described as the best Gang Show in the world.

I’ve found that being in the Gang Show is a really good thing to do. To sum it up in one word – it’s fun!

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Elliot, 12