Leading British artist appearing at Harpenden gallery

CELEBRATED British seascape artist Duncan Macgregor will be unveiling his new collection of Limited Editions and unseen Original Paintings at a champagne reception at Harpenden’s Lemongrove Gallery tonight.

Duncan’s superb contemporary interpretations of life at sea have gained him a formidable international reputation. His style is characterised by high-impact colour combinations which bring the natural world into sharp relief. From the rough surfaces and dazzling blues of a choppy ocean to gentle silken swathes of champagne coloured skies, his work gives expression to the many faces of the sea. These exhilarating displays verge on the abstract and the sheer creative energy illuminates the canvas.

Duncan’s latest collection includes a fascinating new range of artwork copied directly onto glass. Whilst his compositions have always had great drama, the almost metallic sheen and shimmering surface of the glass gives an unprecedented impact to these ultra-stylish editions ranging from evocative coastal landscapes to sailing through the wind.

To ensure that his artwork remains diverse and innovative Duncan has focused on subjects beyond seascapes and sailing. The eye-catching beach huts, near Duncan’s in Norfolk home, have always attracted him and in these vibrant portrayals he has used bold colours to set them apart from previous works.

Lemongrove manager Olivia O’Sullivan said: “Duncan’s work has been a consistent highlight in the gallery since we opened and this new collection could not have come at a better time. We are extremely proud that he has he is coming to the gallery, and are delighted that our customers will have the opportunity to meet him and view his new work.”

Duncan will be at the gallery from 6-8pm tonight, Friday. For more information on Duncan Macgregor or and to view the full range of the gallery’s artwork please visit 32 High Street, Harpenden or www.thelemongrovegallery.co.uk