Jack the Giant Slayer (12)

Jack the Giant Slayer

Jack the Giant Slayer - Credit: Archant

Review by Toby Lattimore

Jack and the Bean Stalk becomes Jack the Giant Slayer in this action packed family adventure, aimed predominantly at the younger age groups but more than catering for those adults who are along for the ride. Jack, played by Nicholas Hoult (Warm Bodies) the unconventional rising star, falls in love with Princess Isabelle played by Eleanor Tomlinson, who could see this as her big break having largely featured on TV, notably in the White Queen on BBC 1. Both are quite similar, neither are overly emotional, but seem well suited.

When the Princess is whisked away up the bean stalk Jack teams up with the King’s men to save her from the giants. But there is a more terrible fate facing the world, with the beanstalk reinstated will the giants descend and destroy the kingdom? Amongst the soldiers are a mixed but impressive cast. Ewan McGregor sports another needlessly posh voice as Elmont, Stanley Tucci appears as the unexpected by slightly ridiculous Roderick and the once again excellently grime Eddie Marsan plays Crawe. There is also no surprise when Ian McShane turns up as the King in camp gold armour.

Jack the Giant Slayer does well to introduce an aspect of a legend to the plot. The back history has been well developed and the director Bryan Singer takes care to cautiously introduce the giants as something mystical and unknown. We are the adults finding out that giants are real after all and not just a story and once they are revealed they are full on and gritty. Perhaps one of the overlooked characters and one of the successful aspects of the film is the Bean Stalk itself. At times it seems to fight back and the computer graphics are impressive as it comes tumbling down from the skies to pound the outer walls of the castle. Sit back and enjoy this modern take on an old story.


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