Hertfordshire Chorus at the Abbey

BEETHOVEN’S ever-popular work, Ode to Joy is being performed by the Hertfordshire Chorus in St Albans Abbey on Saturday night.

By the time his Ninth Symphony with Ode to Joy was first performed in 1824, the composer was profoundly deaf and while the work was greeted by a storm of applause, Beethoven was isolated in his world of silence.

He was unaware of the tumultuous acclamation until one of the soloists turned him round to face the audience.

The choir is also performing Poulenc’s Gloria in the concert which starts at 7.30pm. Legend has it that Poulenc got his inspiration from some solemn-looking Benedictine monks playing football but whether or not that is true is conjecture about a work which mixes solemnity and exuberance.

Tickets for the concert are from �7.50, available from the ticket line on 0870 458 0445 or through the website www.hertfordshirechorus.org.uk