Graphic Novel Review: Uncanny Avengers Unity: Lost Future

Uncanny Avengers Unity: Lost Future

Uncanny Avengers Unity: Lost Future - Credit: Archant

Deadpool an Avenger? You’d better believe it.

(Panini Books)

Forged in the ashes of the Avengers vs X-Men conflict, the Avengers Unity Squad aimed to promote greater harmony between mutants and other super-powered heroes. But now, following the birth of thousands of new Inhumans as a result of the Terrigen Cloud, the remit of the squad has been extended to foster bonds between representatives of this additional faction.

Former Captain America Steve Rogers brings together X-Man Rogue, speedster Quicksilver, the mystic Doctor Voodoo, former Fantastic Four hothead the Human Torch, new Inhuman Synapse, the webspinning Spider-Man and a certain Merc with a Mouth, far from your usual grouping of Avengers.

Despite their differences, the various members of the team have one thing in common, their opposition to the inclusion of Deadpool in their ranks, a decision made by squad leader Rogers for reasons of his own, but which soon costs them Spider-Man’s membership…

No sooner has the web-slinger departed then the Uncanny Avengers find themselves in conflict with the immensely powerful Inhuman known as the Shredded Man, while behind the scenes the Red Skull and his daughter Sin are plotting the team’s destruction, and time-travelling mutant soldier Cable arrives from the future as a harbinger of doom…

Featuring one of the most diverse line-ups in the team’s long history, this is still very much an Avengers book, and draws on the past as well as following its own path for tomorrow. Writer Gerry Duggan proves there’s more to his talents than his work on Deadpool’s solo book, and artists Ryan Stegman and Carlos Pacheco are obviously having a ball with his scripts.

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Unity Squad creator Rick Remender was always going to be a hard act to beat after his exceptional run on the title, but on the evidence of this first volume of the new series Duggan et al are doing an admirable job following in his footsteps.