Graphic Novel Review: Ultimate Spider-Man

Ultimate Spider-Man: The New World According To Peter Parker (Panini �8.99)

Writer Brian Michael Bendis, artists David Lafuente with Justin Ponsor

SIX months after a devastating tidal wave destroyed much of the US eastern seaboard, New York has almost returned to normal, or as normal as it can ever be in a world of genetically altered super soldiers, mutant outlaws and your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, whose heroic actions in the midst of the recent crisis have won him newfound acclaim in the city.

But this is not the Marvel Universe we know, being a separate reality where Spider-Man is still at high school, super-powered military strikeforce the Ultimates are the USA’s world peacekeepers, and the X-Men are no more following the insane machinations of mutant terrorist Magneto, the man behind the Ultimatum Wave.

This new world order brings with it new challenges and dangers for part-time webspinner Peter Parker, including the deadly threat of Mysterio, fresh relationship complications, and the arrival of Johnny Storm, aka the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch, as an unexpected house guest…

An excellent entry-point for the long-running series, which was relaunched with a new number one to celebrate, but also a continuation of the high standards of quality established during the previous run.