Graphic Novel Review: Thor, God of Thunder: The Last Days of Midgard

Thor, God of Thunder: The Last Days of Midgard

Thor, God of Thunder: The Last Days of Midgard - Credit: Archant

Thor battles to save his adopted planet in the present and distant future...

(Panini Books)

All things come to an end, and in the distant future, on the blighted remains of the planet once known as Earth, the ancient Norse god Thor fights to save the world from the hunger of the ruthless cosmic force known as Galactus.

Thousands of years earlier, a younger Thor finds himself clashing with the corporate powerhouse that is Roxxon, as the company’s new CEO plunders the planet’s natural resources in his drive for profit.

But the thunder god will pay the price for his efforts in thwarting Roxxon’s machinations, as the multinational turns its attention to the small Oklahoma town of Broxton, which has a long history with Asgard dating back to the resurrection of the Norse Gods following the events of Ragnarok.

With the town consumed in clouds of pollution, giant sinkholes swallowing up properties, and the population preparing to flee, Thor and his SHIELD ally Roz Solomon must battle to save not only Broxton, but the Earth itself, from Roxxon’s relentless rampage…

Meanwhile, King Thor takes desperate measures to thwart Galactus’ efforts to suck the life-force from the ruined future Earth, actions which may unleash a long-dead evil into the universe again…

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Wrapping up the latest volume of Thor before the title’s relaunch as part of the next Marvel big thing, this book continues Jason Aaron’s highly acclaimed run on the character, ably assisted by beautifully painted artwork from Esad Ribic, and maintains the high level of quality from previous collections.

Unlike earlier storylines, there’s less of a mythological bent to this instalment, with the focus instead on Thor’s bond with Earth - or as the Asgardians know it, Midgard - which stems from his mother, the goddess Gaia, and his desperate efforts to protect the planet against threats from without and within.

A fitting finale for the God of Thunder series, and with Aaron staying on for the title’s revival with a female Thor taking control of Mjolnir, the future looks bright.