Graphic Novel Review: The Mighty Thor: God of Thunder Reborn

The Mighty Thor: God of Thunder Reborn

The Mighty Thor: God of Thunder Reborn - Credit: Archant

(Panini Books)

The original thunder god has returned. In the wake of a devastating encounter with the deadly Mangog, Jane Foster no longer wields the mystic hammer Mjolnir, which has been lost in the depths of the Sun, and the mantle of Thor has returned to the Odinson.

The newly revitalised Thor now uses a clamour of hammers to aid him in his mission - the retrieval of magical items scattered across the Earth following the fall of Asgardia – and is accompanied in his efforts by his murderous talking dog Thori.

But things take a turn for the worse following the intervention of his mischievous step-brother Loki, who whisks the pair to Hel for a reunion with their siblings Tyr and Balder.

The Odin boys face an impending battle against Sindr, the daughter of fire giant Surtur, who has invaded the realm of Niffleheim and forced the allegiance of the local chieftains. After his allies free Loki’s demonic children Fenris and Hela from captivity, Balder reluctantly agrees to marry the Hel-queen in order to unite their forces.

Meanwhile, Thor resolves to recruit the Einjerjar, the dead warriors of Valhalla, and the Valkyrie choosers of the slain. The problem is that the only way for the thunder god to reach Valhalla is by dying, a state of existence which will require the machinations of Loki to bring about…

Writer Jason Aaron continues to weave his modern day mythology as events move closer to the inevitable War of the Realms, succeeding in building a Tolkienesque epic which has truly defined Thor for modern audiences. Unfortunately his artistic support is somewhat disappointing, with Mike Del Mundo’s muddy visuals often difficult to interpret, which is particular annoying in pivotal battle scenes. Marvel needs to bring back Russell Dauterman, whose work on the adventures of the Jane Foster Thor was truly outstanding.

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That said, this is still one of the best Marvel books currently being published, and one of the greatest Thor runs since Walt Simonson. Miss it at your peril.