Graphic Novel Review: Steve Rogers: Captain America – Empire Building

Steve Rogers: Captain America – Empire Building

Steve Rogers: Captain America – Empire Building - Credit: Archant

Fact meets fiction as a fascist Captain America bids for power...

(Panini Books)

The embodiment of America is an egocentric, blinkered, self-professed patriot who believes he has a destiny of greatness. Yet behind the scenes he is a fascist apologist, a bully and a tyrant who will step over anyone to achieve his dream.

His worldview and sense of history retconned by the reality-warping cosmic cube, Steve Rogers is now the head of Hydra, the militaristic, semi-mystical fascist organisation which has previously been controlled by the likes of the Red Skull and Baron Zemo.

Yes, art is certainly imitating life in this latest volume of Captain America, and yet surely nobody could have predicted to what extent the events shown in this series would be played out in similar fashion on the world stage? Hail Hydra indeed.

As events move towards the forthcoming Secret Empire crossover, and the culmination of Rogers’ plans for seizing control of the USA, further details of his altered past are gradually revealed. But when the events of the second Civil War fracture superhero alliances between Tony Stark and Carol Danvers, it’s the perfect opportunity for Cap to up his game plan…

There has been a lot of hostility against this current Captain America run from certain sections of the public, who seem convinced that what’s happening here is tantamount to blasphemy. It’s not, and lest we forget, it’s just a story, the conclusion of which has yet to be revealed.

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In the meantime, enjoying watching the corruption of an icon, and wonder how the hell Marvel is going to rehabilitate him afterwards!