Graphic Novel Review: Rocket Raccoon: Grounded

Rocket Raccoon: Grounded

Rocket Raccoon: Grounded - Credit: Archant

From infinity to the Bronx... Rocket is stranded on Earth and being pursued by alien hunters.

(Panini Books)

You’re an extraterrestrial gun-for-hire, thief and member of the Guardians of the Galaxy who just happens to look like a small Earth rodent. After siding with former colleague Captain Marvel in the recent Civil War II, your spaceship is destroyed, your team disbands and you’re left to fend yourself on a planet you hate. Things can only get better, no?

Unfortunately for Rocket (don’t call him a raccoon!), his efforts to escape the confines of our backwater world lead him into one disastrous situation after another, culminating with him being pursued by Spider-Man foe Kraven as part of some underground alien blood hunt…

This is a funny book. Not quite laugh out loud funny, but it’s definitely worth a snigger or two. And the gags aren’t reliant on toilet humour, there’s some metaphysical commentary on the comics industry and the protagonists of the Marvel Universe as well, plus some perfectly timed moments of slapstick which wouldn’t be out of place in a Marx Brothers movie.

Kraven the Hunter has always veered between being an object of ridicule and a serious menace, and this book manages to portray both, which is some achievement. He makes a perfect foe for Rocket, and hopefully this won’t be the last time the two characters meet.

There’s nothing too deep to be found here, but it’s certainly not a superficial read, and continues the trend of previous volumes in developing Rocket’s character beyond a gun-toting funny animal. Worth checking out.