Graphic Novel Review: Marvel Legacy

Marvel Legacy

Marvel Legacy - Credit: Archant

The next era of the Marvel Universe starts here.

(Panini Books)

Now this is a strange kettle of fish.

Apart from collecting the Marvel Legacy one-shot (more on that later) it mainly comprises three page profile strips which act as an introduction to various heroes and teams, the relaunched FOOM! Magazine, and stacks of variant covers and sketches from across the line, all of which makes for a very mixed bag.

But worth the admission price alone is the remarkable Legacy, which basically acts as a prologue to the next chapter in the never-ending story of the Marvel Universe, introducing new themes and protagonists, while also featuring the return of some much-missed characters who have been long absent from comics pages…

Writer Jason Aaron is already delivering a tour de force with his run on the Mighty Thor, and here he proves to have a grasp on the MU at large, crafting a narrative which plunges back to the depths of the Stone Age before rushing forwards to present day Earth and beyond…

With the recent departure of Brian Michael Bendis from Marvel, it’s certainly time for Aaron to step into the spotlight and receive the attention he deserves, and on the strength of this one-shot, we could be witnessing the start of one of the most exciting eras the company has witnessed in years.

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We are initially introduced the Avengers of 1,000,000 BC - a line-up which includes Norse All-Father Odin and the Phoenix, the mammoth-mounted Ghost Rider of the day, a prehistoric Sorcerer Supreme and earlier incarnations of the Black Panther, Iron Fist and Starbrand – who assemble to tackle a rampaging Celestial, before focusing on their modern counterparts and the legacies they have inherited.

Away from the main storyline are plenty of teasers for future developments, including a space-faring Wakandan empire, the magical machinations of Norman Osborn, an apparently forgotten founder of the Avengers, and of course the big revelations at the book’s conclusion.

Spoiler alert! The appearance of Franklin and Valeria Richards is a welcome surprise, and hints at the eventual return of their parents and the reunion of the whole Fantastic Four, but it’s the resurrection of the original Wolverine that made headlines, especially as Logan is now seen to be in possession of one of the Infinity Stones…

If Aaron and other writers can deliver on the promises of this book then the future of the Marvel Universe is assured. But this is where it all begins, so make sure to get on at the ground floor and enjoy the ride to come…

Plus you also get some innovative takes on established Marvel heroes and some behind-the-scenes bonus features which otherwise might be missed as part of the whole package, so what’s not to love?