Graphic Novel Review: Inhuman: Lineage

Inhuman: Lineage

Inhuman: Lineage - Credit: Archant

From TV’s Agents of SHIELD, the genetically manipulated race of superpowered beings known as the Inhumans...

(Panini Books)

After a relatively lacklustre prelude series, Inhumanity, exploring the new generation of Inhumans created after the release of a Terrigen Mist cloud across the entire planet, the follow-up has defied expectations by proving to be an unmissable read.

The success of this book lies in its ability to combine Game of Thrones-style power politics with street level superheroics, as the action jumps between the machinations surrounding the Royal Family and the adventures of the new wave of Inhumans or “NuHumans” - given powers by the Terrigen cloud.

With the reality-revising Secret Wars crossover on the horizon, writer Charles Soule wisely wraps up some of his ongoing plotlines with this volume, with the most prominent being the whereabouts of the Inhuman king Black Bolt after he destroyed their city of Attilan and released the mists in the process.

With his queen and wife Medusa having been forced to unite her surviving citizens with their newly emerged kin, and also rebuild what remained of Attilan on an island in the New York City bay, she is less than enamoured by the sudden return of her long-absent consort…

Meanwhile, the master manipulator Lineage, who can draw on the experiences and knowledge of his ancestors, is finally ready to show his hand, and the fanatical Lash continues his ruthless recruitment of “worthy” Inhumans, with no mercy for those who do not meet his exacting standards.

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Meanwhile, nuHuman Inferno loses control of his powers shortly before his “normal” sister goes into labour, and a long-missed fan favourite character returns to shake things up even further..

Soule is set to remain on this series after Secret Wars, and it’s obvious that he has a long-term plan for the Inhumans which is only just beginning to come together.

After decades of skirting around the fringes of the Marvel Universe, the Inhumans are finally hitting the big time, with appearances on TV show Agents of SHIELD and defining roles in various comics series, and to be honest it’s about time… The mutants have had their time in the spotlight for too long, long live the Inhumans!