Graphic Novel Review: Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme: Out of Time

Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme: Out of Time

Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme: Out of Time - Credit: Archant

A Dirty Half-Dozen of history’s greatest spellcasters unite to defeat an ancient adversary...

(Panini Books)

Despite his recent experiences during the cataclysmic Last Days of Magic, which saw the tech-based Emperikul wipe out much of the world’s magical power, Stephen Strange still retains the title of Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme, albeit much weakened and diminished compared to his previous status.

But the Emperikul’s reign of destruction has unleashed a long lost mystical menace known only as The Forgotten, which travels back to the time of Camelot to attack the arch-mage Merlin.

Hopelessly outmatched by the relentless power of The Forgotten, Merlin sends a distress call through time, calling on the assistance of various Sorcerers Supreme from different points in history, only to pluck them from the points in their lives when they were at their weakest and most vulnerable.

Their ranks include Sir Isaac Newton and his Mindful One servant; a future version of Young Avenger Wiccan; loner Nina, a Brazilian from the 1950s; 1800s Native American Kushala, who channels a force for vengeance she can barely control; and Strange’s former mentor the Ancient One when he was still an arrogant teenager.

This ramshackle bunch of conflicting magicians must not only learn to work together in order to triumph, they also need to protect the established time line and uncover secrets within their ranks which could tear them apart…

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The creative team of Robbie Thompson and Javier Rodriguez have taken note of the achievements of Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo in Strange’s solo series, and adopted the same characterisation and understanding of magic found in that book. But they are also having plenty of fun shaping their new team and drawing on Marvel’s rich history in the process, including Newton’s history as a member of the Brotherhood of the Shield and the legend of the Ghost Rider.

An exceptional debut volume, which neatly sets up the group’s dynamics and mission, while ensuring there’s plenty of emphasis on characterisation and backstory. Quite what the future holds for the Sorcerers Supreme has yet to be determined, but it’s a mystical path certainly worth travelling.