Graphic Novel Review: Deadpool Vs The Punisher

Deadpool Vs The Punisher

Deadpool Vs The Punisher - Credit: Archant

Bullets fly as the Merc with the Mouth takes on Frank Castle...

(Panini Books)

Now this was always going to get messy.

Wade Wilson and Frank Castle, two ruthless killers with scant regard for human life, prepared to do whatever it takes to fulfil their respective missions. One is a scarred gun-for-hire with a twisted sense of humour and a phenomenal healing factor, the other is a cold and calculating ex-Marine determined to bring bloody vengeance on the underworld for murdering his family.

Their paths rarely cross, but on this occasion they find themselves on opposing sides over The Bank, a crooked money launderer with a wealth of secrets and personal ties to Wade dating back to his earliest days as a mercenary. The Punisher wants access to The Bank’s account numbers, which could seriously undermine the activities of numerous criminal organisations, and he doesn’t care who he blows away in order to get them.

Given Wilson’s ability to recover from any injury, you’d think the odds were stacked against Castle, yet the more grounded nature of the Punisher works to his advantage, as he savagely exploits ‘Pool’s powers to his own benefit.

Also mixed up in this whole mess is the Taskmaster, one of the more interesting Marvel supervillains and a natural fit as a protagonist for both Deadpool and the Punisher…

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Writer Fred Van Lente deftly moves between humour and homicide, supported by highly kinetic artwork from Pere Perez, who succeeds in transferring movie-style fight scenes onto the printed page with ease. It shouldn’t work, but it does, and that’s unquestionably down to the creative team.