Graphic Novel Review: Dead Man Logan: Sins of the Father

Old Man Logan: Sins of the Father

Old Man Logan: Sins of the Father - Credit: Archant

(Panini Books)

Ripped from the dystopian alternative future in which he witnessed the deaths of everyone he loved, the former Wolverine has established a new life for himself in the present day of the mainstream Marvel Universe, picking up the pieces left following by the death of his earlier self (this is comics, run with it.)...

But now his age-old healing factor is failing, he is being poisoned by the Adamantium coating his skeleton, and there is no cure. With time running out, Logan resolves to tie up loose ends which could bring about his grim timeline, starting off with Mysterio, the man who caused him to murder all of the X-Men.

However, in this reality Mysterio has been recruited by telepathic terrorist Miss Sinister and the forces of Neo-HYDRA under the control of the Red Skull's daughter Sin and her lover Crossbones. Aware of the circumstances leading up to the fall of the X-Men in Logan's timeline, when Mysterio convinced him they were actually villains, this unholy alliance resolves to wipe out all of Earth's heroes, starting with the Avengers…

With the recent resurrection of the modern Wolvie (who pops in for a guest appearance here), the demise or disappearance of his future self was probably an inevitability, so writer Ed Brisson, aided by artist Mike Henderson, resolved to put him out of his misery with a bang and not a whimper.

On the strength of this first instalment, the emotionally-charged finale to the Old Man Logan saga looks certain to resonate throughout the X-Men's world, and will hopefully provide a fitting send-off to the former Wolverine.