Graphic Novel Review: Daredevil - Back in Black: Chinatown

Daredevil - Back in Black: Chinatown

Daredevil - Back in Black: Chinatown - Credit: Archant

Daredevil is back in black on his home turf, as Matt Murdock begins a fresh life once again! He may have returned to NYC, but Matt’s on a different side of the law now, with a job in the District Attorney’s office. And he’s finding his new career quite the challenge, as even his incredible skills aren’t enough to indict the local crime lord known as Tenfingers. Could this be a job for Daredevil? It’s a whole new chapter for the Man Without Fear - and it comes with a protegé. Welcome to Hell, Blindspot!

(Panini Books)

Back in New York City with his secret identity once again under wraps, Matt Murdock begins a new career working for the District Attorney’s office as a prosecuting counsel, while his alter ego of Daredevil takes on a new partner, the invisible vigilante known as Blindspot.

But although many of his old enemies have vanished, new foes are emerging to claim control over the NY underworld, including the supernatural gangboss known as Tenfingers, whose actions have unwittingly attracted the attention of undead ninja army The Hand, really not the sort of people you want to get on the wrong side of.

Neither DD or Blindspot is aware of the other’s secret identity, as they work on developing a degree of trust to accompany their crimefighting activities, but this leaves both men open to danger because of Blindspot’s links to Tenfingers’ organisation…

Writer Charles Soule is joined by artist Ron Garney to pick up the gauntlet following Mark Waid and Chris Samnee’s acclaimed run, perhaps one of the strongest superhero series Marvel was producing at the time. They do a first-rate job of setting up a new status quo for ol’ Hornhead, but then unfortunately draw on elements of his past we’ve seen time and time again, with the introduction of Blindspot left as perhaps the most interesting element of this revamp.

An entertaining, albeit flawed start to the new series, there’s certainly enough going on here to warrant sticking around for the foreseeable future.