Graphic Novel Review: Captain Britain: The Siege of Camelot

Captain Britain: The Siege of Camelot (Panini �15.99)

Various writers and artists, including Alan Moore and Alan Davis

TO hold this collection in my hands is to take a journey back in time more than 30 years, to the halcyon days of the late 1970s and early 1980s when black and white Marvel comics dominated newsagents’ stands across the country. But even though the majority of titles such as Spider-Man Comics Weekly, The Titans and Mighty World of Marvel were packed with US reprints, original material began to appear in the likes of Captain Britain, Hulk Comic and later Marvel Superheroes.

This fourth volume of Captain Britain strips concludes the Otherworld epic from the pages of Hulk Comic, a Tolkienesque saga of swords and sorcery co-starring the Black Knight, and the first strips from the pages of Marvel Superheroes, which saw CB assume a new costume and direction at the hands of Dave Thorpe and legendary creators Alans Moore and Davis. The quality of these latter stories improves with each new issue, and sets up a defining run not only for the character, but for British comics as a whole. Remarkable work, truly ground-breaking for its time, and a must-have addition to the collection of any comics fan.