Graphic Novel Review: Amazing Spider-Man Worldwide: Power Play

Amazing Spider-Man Worldwide: Power Play

Amazing Spider-Man Worldwide: Power Play - Credit: Archant

The Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Man and the rest of the All-New All-Different Avengers come together for this huge story! The most dangerous foe from Secret Wars, Regent, makes his true intentions known - and it will take the greatest heroes of the Marvel Universe to stop him.

(Panini Books)

The echoes of the reality-warping Secret Wars saga are beginning to resonate throughout the Marvel Universe, not least of which being the introduction of teen Spider-Man Miles Morales into that continuity. But the other changes are more subtle, such as the rise of the power-stealing tyrant Regent, who dominated New York in the Renew Your Vows title.

Now he is back, for the first time showing his hand in capturing second stringer bad guys the Ox and the Walrus, but eventually resolving to clean up the city by imprisoning all of its super-powered population, hero and villain alike.

Peter Parker only defeated Regent in the Secret Wars thanks to the assistance of his wife and daughter in that reality, but in our world he has not even been married to Mary Jane Watson, let alone had a child with her, so does he really stand a chance of thwarting the madman’s Machiavellian machinations in the Marvel U?

But just to make things even more confusing, we discover Mary Jane’s surprising links to Stark Industries, fuelling a rivalry between Peter and Tony in their costumed identities as Spider-Man and Iron Man, with their ensuing battle resulting in dramatic consequences for young Morales…

This series’ new status quo, with Parker now the CEO of an internationally renowned tech company, shows no signs of becoming tired, which is surprising given the character’s long-running history as a struggling photographer barely scraping together enough cash to pay the rent. But change can be a good thing, and it’s certainly refreshing to see Peter out of his comfort zone in his new role, yet taking advantage of his position to become a much-better Spider-Man as a result.

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The expanded and restored supporting cast is also very welcome, with a particular highlight in this volume being Peter’s acquisition of his friends’ former hang-out the Coffee Bean, and the party he throws to celebrate the occasion and apologise for putting his loved ones on the back burner. It’s a lovely moment, but of course this being a Spidey book things don’t go according to plan…

Writer Dan Slott has been at the helm of the series for long enough to know what he’s doing, and he rarely disappoints on any level. Plus, with the likes of Giuseppe Camuncoli on artwork, you have the complete package which a character of Spider-Man’s heritage deserves.