The Sound of Revolution in poet's new lockdown book of poetry

St Albans poet Grae J. Wall

St Albans poet Grae J. Wall pictured by Johannes Haslinger - Credit: Johannes Haslinger

A new book of poetry from a St Albans poet has been garnering positive reviews and interest.

One reviewer declared Grae J. Wall's The Sound of Revolution as "Beat poetry at its finest, a sound that urges you to join in the revolution". 

The reviewer continued: "This collection inspired me to join the revolution and speak up amongst those brave enough to make a stand. Revolutionary dear reader."

The cover of Grae J. Wall's latest poetry book The Sound of Revolution

The cover of Grae J. Wall's latest poetry book The Sound of Revolution - Credit: Grae J. Wall

The Sound of Revolution is available from and also in e-book form on Amazon and other digital platforms.

Collated during lockdown, the collection of poems – and a few photos – was ironically enabled by this strange year of COVID. 

Grae explained: "Having been furloughed from my role with St Albans Arts Team and unable to get together with my band mates to play gigs, I found myself with time on my hands to concentrate on compiling the book.

"I’ve ended up performing and contributing poems to a number of virtual festivals and events throughout the year as it’s obviously something I was able to do in isolation.

"Early in the year I put together little music and poetry album (recorded at the bottom of the garden) which was also well received, so in the summer – with the help of my daughter – we sat down and put the book together." 

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The poems cover a range of topics inspired by Grae’s troubadour travels, Extinction Rebellion protests, anxiety, train journeys and cats.

As a keen lomographer, the poems are augmented by some of Grae’s atmospheric black and white photos.

On his website, Grae states: "These are poems from the barricades of protest, from artistic ventures overseas and from moments of contemplation and self-healing."

He adds: "2020 has found me out on the streets fighting for a fairer, safer world – angered by the lethargy and inaction of the traditional political construct.

"Missing my regular performance tours on the continent I value now more than ever those connections with similar and differing spirits overseas – that small beautiful planet we inhabit – putting the world to rights with an after-show beer.

​"These poems come from journeys of discovery, times of struggle, sometimes dark, sometimes silly, empathy, confusion, red wine, crazy times, compassion and a wry smile – the sound of revolution!"

The Sound of Revolution is available now from and in e-book form from digital platforms.

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