Frances runs wild at exhibition

Untitled by Frances Kearney

Untitled by Frances Kearney - Credit: Archant

Running Wild, a touring exhibition in which British artist Frances Kearney presents a new series of large-scale photographic tableaux, opens in St Albans tomorrow.

Organised by the University of Herts Galleries, it can be seen at the Museum of St Albans in Hatfield Road until July 12.

The works explore the artist’s interest in landscape and the collapse of children’s engagement with nature, particularly the increasing fear of the remote outdoors as successive generations lead more interior-based lives and parents become more nervous about them playing out of sight.

All were staged outdoors in East Anglia.

Kearney said: “I am intrigued to create works that challenge our notions of fear, with how we conquer this notion of fear, with how we escape.”