Pizza is an ever-popular dish across the globe.

The variety of flavours, toppings and bases available means that there is a pizza for everyone, contributing to its admiration in a wide variety of cultures.

Hertfordshire is blessed with a large number of eat-in pizza places, both independent and as part of larger chains.

With that in mind, we've put together a list of some of the best eat-in pizza places from across the county.

1. La Cosa Nostra, St Albans

La Cosa Nostra is a family-run Italian restaurant, sitting on the junction between Alexandra and Lattimore Road in St Albans.

The establishment has been running for over 25 years, and it's website boldly proclaims "There is a place like home".

Amongst the wide selection of Italian favourites on offer, a large selection of pizzas are available.

There are no less than 16 pizza choices on the menu, with additional toppings at £1.90 each.

2. Terranova Italian, Welwyn Garden City

Terranova Italian in Welwyn Garden City first opened in 1995.

It's website states: "We source the freshest ingredients with a range of dishes that everyone can enjoy."

The restaurant overlooks Stanborough Park's south lake, and is open for lunch and dinner.

A generous pizza selection includes 12 different choices, from traditional Margherita to Quattro Stagioni.

3. The Angels, Hitchin

A self-proclaimed "Pizza Pub", the Angels in Hitchin serves a wide range of dishes.

Traditional British favourites and English ales are on the menu, along with a selection of pizzas.

"Halo pizzas" are available, featuring a whole in the centre that is filled with salad.

No less than ten pizzas are on the menu, with extra toppings at £1.30 each.

4. Banyers House, Royston

Banyers House, in Royston, is situated in a Grade II listed building on Melbourn Street.

A Mediterranean-inspired menu, features a large list of wood-fired pizzas.

Two different calzone's are on offer, as well as two vegan options.

All-in-all 13 pizza choices are available at the location.

5. L'Italiana, St Albans

L'Italiana is an Italian restaurant situated near the clocktower in St Albans' city centre.

It's website states: "Our chefs have been serving multi-award winning pasta dishes, our famous steaks and mouth watering pizzas since 2007."

Of these pizzas, 18 are available.

This includes calzones and the L'Italiana Special pizza.

6. L'artista, Letchworth

L'artista was established in 2003, and sits in the centre of Letchworth.

A friendly and casual atmosphere in promised at the venue.

The restaurant's website proudly claims: "People come just to try our home-made pizzas, knowing that our dough is freshly prepared in front of you using only the finest ingredients."

There are 22 different pizzas to choose from, on a menu which includes a range of Italian favourites.

7. Nonno's Pizza, Wheathampstead

Nonno's Pizza has branches in Chorleywood, Crouch End, Harpenden, Islington, St Albans and Wheathampstead.

The chain's website proudly explains: "At Nonnos Pizza our pizza dough is made fresh every day and all our ingredients are carefully selected so you can experience the great taste of Italy".

Along with pizzas, a range of Italian starters and side dishes are available.

The venue offers eat-in, collection and delivery options.