First night nerves for youngest member of St Albans Gang Show

DURING the course of the 33rd St Albans Gang and Scout Show, which runs until Saturday February 11 at the Alban Arena, we will be publishing daily updates from some of the youngsters involved in the event.

“The first night went really well, but it was quite scary. I’ve never performed to the public before and just before the opening number, when I was on stage behind the curtain and could hear the audience cheering and laughing I felt a bit nervous!

“And then I had a few butterflies when I was changing for the sketch, where I play a nervous Beaver Scout! I would have been much more worried if I had to sing on my own, but once the other boys started singing I could see they were enjoying it so I did too.

“I don’t want to give too much away for people who haven’t seen the show yet, but my favourite part is where I’m a gangster insect! The costumes are really colourful and there’s a good dance!

“I auditioned for gang show because my brother, Greg, has been in it for three years and when I’ve been to see it I thought I’d like to try it. Plus when you read the show programme and see how much hard work goes into it I thought I’d like to be part of it.

“Preparing for the show was much harder than I thought. But it’s also been much nicer and more fun than I thought it would be – I’ve made lots of new friends.

“I thought the opening night was very good. Soon it’ll be time for the second night and to do it all again!”

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Elliot, 11