DVD Review: Last Stand

Last Stand

Last Stand - Credit: Archant

Review by Matthew Hearn

I’ll beee beck!!! Arnold Schwarzenegger promised us he would in his famous 90s film Terminator 2 and he is back in his first lead role in 10 years, although you might have missed this release in cinemas.

The front cover of the DVD tells you all you need to know about this film: a grim-faced Arnie behind a huge Gatling gun with the tag-line: “Not in his town. Not on his watch.” Set in a ‘sleepy’ border town, Sommerton Junction, Arnie makes the most unconvincing small town sheriff ever and the first couple of his scenes are just awkward.

Luckily he’s soon in familiar territory and it isn’t long before he’s knocking off the bad guys with his disparate band of ‘lovable’ friends who seem to be hopelessly outmatched by the forces arranged against them.

It all sounds awful, but it’s not. It is in fact a hugely enjoyable film in a peculiar old fashioned way. It has shades of old cowboy and Indian films as well as The Magnificent Seven (without the stirring music) and High Noon. The comedy is very good, and even an older Arnie – he’s 66 now - is much better value and far more entertaining than for example Colin Farrell in the recent Total Recall.

Forget the stupid plot-holes, get in the popcorn and enjoy seeing Arnie do what he does best. Action adventure junkies will be pleasantly surprised by this film.

The Last Stand is out on Blu-ray, DVD and download from May 27, rated 15.