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Alex Cross

Alex Cross - Credit: Archant

Reviewed by Toby Lattimore

Alex Cross is the second recent new release based upon a novel serialisation, following on from the blockbuster Jack Reacher. But this film is very different on many levels, although it deals with a murderer and a hard to crack case which ultimately ends up with a series of additional murders as the cast falls away.

There are two main provocateurs in this story. The lead detective, Alex Cross played by Tyler Perry, an upstanding, ready for promotion to the FBI, type of guy is suddenly faced with a vicious criminal who he must capture before he kills again. Despite his amazing intuition, that at times extracts information from crime scenes which seems almost impossible to deduce, he flaps around as people die and his weaknesses are exposed. Perry struggles with the role, never quite seeming comfortable, at times appearing to be between emotions, as if he might smile at the wrong moment.

The assassin, stupidly called Picasso, played by a very poor Matthew Fox of Lost fame, ruthlessly picks off his victims and is soon taunting Alex Cross who has the supposed cheek of tracking him down. Fox has heavily hammed up the villain adding twitching, manic shaving and an ultra lean looking body frame which we see him punishing with exercise. This skewed image of a broken man does not sit well, especially with the good guy we have come to know from the Lost series. This appears to be a role he has embraced as a new challenge, something different, but in the end it comes off as a badly chosen script.

We also meet the dynamic Rachel Nichols and the lacklustre Edward Burns as detectives and they try and tug at the storyline but have minimal impact. Burns is particularly weak and Nichols more a tokenistic victim and love interest.

The main problem with Alex Cross is that the two lead figures are poorly cast and the film suffers because of this. Throw in the expectations of those who have read the books and there is trouble ahead. If you enjoy this type of thriller you might find some salvation in a chase that does have a few twists but it is best to go into this film with low expectations.


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