Designer’s new work builds on history of St Albans

mike spike

mike spike - Credit: Archant

Graphic designer Mike Spike’s work cannot be pigeonholed - but that is exactly what he has done in an illustration of the interesting and historic buildings and features of St Albans.

Although Mike does not live in the city, he knows it pretty well and has visited off and on from his home in Milton Keynes.

He has hit on the idea of creating a tapestry of sights visible from public walkways and pavements which illustrate the history of an area.

He said: “I was trying to find a method of creating a collection of images in an interesting fashion where it made sense.”

Mike likened the illustrations to pigeonholes and was influenced by a table with compartments that he used to have.

The St Albans illustration, limited editions of which are on sale at Graphics Plus in the city centre, features 82 visual references ranging from plaques and signs to buildings and architectural details.

He believes that the elderly buildings around the city give it its unique atmosphere and appearance but people become so used to seeing them that sometimes they overlook their unique individuality, character and charm.

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Mike has similar projects in mind with half an eye on scenes in London should the St Albans illustration be successful.