Curtain up for St Albans Gang Show!

Daisy from St Albans Gang Show

Daisy from St Albans Gang Show - Credit: Archant

DURING the course of the 34th St Albans Gang and Scout Show, which runs until Saturday 16 February at the Alban Arena, we will be publishing daily updates from some of the youngsters involved in the event.

Last night we had our first show of the week – and it was my first experience of being part of the Gang Show.

I’ve been to see the show each year for about five years, but I’d never been performing before. And it’s very different being on stage. Watching it is really good and you can sit back and relax, but when you’re actually part of the production it is totally different – everything goes really fast and you get a great buzz putting on the show for the audience.

At the start when you are behind the curtain and you hear the band start to play, I was feeling a bit worried – but then when the curtain went up and I heard all the clapping and cheering I forgot my nerves and felt really happy.

I’m part of one of the sketches and we hadn’t done this to an audience before so I was sceptical about how they would react – but as soon as they started laughing at the right places I knew it was going down well.

My favourite number is based around the emergency services – I’m a paramedic – I really like how all the cast work together to form different scenes in that piece (I can’t give too much away for those who are going to see it!)

After the show I had a massive adrenaline rush and felt really hyper! My grandparents are coming tonight to see the show and I can’t wait to do the show all again! I hope the audience will enjoy watching the show as much as I’ve enjoyed being part of it.

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Daisy, 15