Curtain up for St Albans Gang Show!

DURING the course of the 33rd St Albans Gang and Scout Show, which runs until Saturday February 11 at the Alban Arena, we will be publishing daily updates from some of the youngsters involved in the event.

“This is my fifth year that I’ve been in St Albans Scout and Guide Gang Show and the 33rd year it’s been running! I’m very excited, but also a little bit scared as it’s hard to know what the audience will think of the show and how they will react to it.

“My favourite part of the show is the opening number – I think it’s really exciting - but we will have to wait until tonight to see what reaction we get from the audience at the Alban Arena when the curtain goes up.

“Tonight there’s going to be two rows of my family and friends watching the show. There’s a tradition of keeping what’s in the show secret and I haven’t told my mum anything about what’s in it!! That’s been pretty hard as we started rehearsing in September, but it will be a big surprise for her to see what I’ve been doing. And it will be a relief to be able to talk to her about all the items and sketches – so I’m looking forward to having a good chat with her later.

“My favourite thing about doing gang show is how all the 124 cast members work together as a team to put the show on. I‘ve made lots of friends through the show. I’m doing my A-Levels and although there are lots of rehearsals, it is manageable and it’s been a good break from school.

“So now we will have to wait for the first night – fingers crossed everything will be brilliant!”

Kimberley, 16