Concert review: Mishka Rushdie Momen at the Radlett Music Club

Mishka Rushdie Momen

Mishka Rushdie Momen - Credit: Archant

What New York heard last night was what Radlett had the pleasure of hearing last week.

For outstanding young pianist, Mishka Rushdie Momen, chose the audience at Radlett Music Club to try out the programme she was due to play at the Sir András Schiff Selects’ Series at the 92nd Street venue.

Her programme opened with Mozart’s rather dark Fantasia in C minor and instantly the 24-year-old pianist demonstrated a wonderful lightness of touch and expressiveness.

The second piece, Robert Schumann’s Novelette in D major Op 21 no 2 was an entirely different matter: full of life and vitality, it is a wonderful piece to show the tremendous virtuosity of the performer as did Beethoven’s wonderful Sonata no 28.

In both works Mishka showed her complete understanding of the music and gave a spellbinding performances.

Leos Janacek’s Sonata I.X.1905 is an entirely different work. A tribute to a young man killed during a demonstration in the city of Brno in the Czech Republic, the sonata has an intensity and urgency that Mishka handled superbly. Once more her lightness of touch brought much to the performance.

After the intensity of the Janacek, Franz Schubert’s wonderfully sunny Wanderer Fantasy was a delightful end to the evening. Throughout, Mishka demonstrated tremendous skill and understanding of her music.

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I am sure the New York audience would have been just as impressed with the beauty of her playing as those who had the pleasure of hearing her at the Radlett Centre.