Clare Teal and Sherlock Holmes at the Radlett Centre

AN EVENING of atmospheric story-telling is created by Andrew Meller in An Audience with Sherlock Holmes at The Radlett Centre tomorrow night (Friday).

As night draws in and fog settles once more over the city of London, Andrew presents himself in the study of 221B Baker Street for a classic retelling of some of Sherlock Holmes’ most celebrated cases.

At the same time Andrew assumes the guise of numerous Sherlockian characters.

The performance begins at 8pm and tickets at �14 with concessions �12 can be obtained from the box office on 01923 859291 or go to

Popular jazz singer Clare Teal returns to The Radlett Centre at 7.30pm this Sunday (30).

After many years of performing sell-out shows based on the traditional American songs of the 30s and yesteryear, Clare now also celebrates some of the UK’s leading writers.

She has presented a weekly Radio 2 show, supported Liza Minelli and performed at the BBC Proms,

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Although rooted in the jazz traditions of the 1930s and ’40s, the main focus is on Clare’s interpretations and delivery of some of the greatest British songs of the last 100 years.

Tickets are �18 with concessions �17.

Almost 100 years to the day after Captain Scott reached the South Pole, Felicity Aston became the first woman in history to ski across Antarctica alone.

Using her own footage and images from her expedition in January, Felicity will recount her journey in Alone in the Antarctic at The Radlett Centre at 8pm next Wednesday, October 3.

For 59 days Felicity dragged 85kg of supplies 1,744 km across the coldest continent on earth, enduring temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees and storm force winds.

Spending two months alone in such an extreme landscape, where even the smallest mistakes can prove treacherous, was a gruelling yet remarkable experience.

The Antarctica has held an enduring fascination for explorers as the only continent that is entirely covered in ice all year round, an environment so hostile that it has no indigenous population and supports barely any vegetation.

Tickets are �15 with concessions �14.

Antiques expert Jonty Hearnden will be giving a special presentation of What’s In Your Attic at The Radlett Centre at 8pm next Thursday, October 4.

One of the most recognisable faces on TV, Jonty appeared on Going For a Song with Michael Parkinson before joining the team of experts on the BBC flagship programme Antiques Roadshow.

In 2001 he was approached to present a new commission for BBC television called Cash in the Attic, appearing in the first-ever series and all 18 subsequent series including Cash in the Celebrity Attic.

Jonty has also appeared in the BBC’s Sun Sea and Bargain Spotting with Angela Rippon, all six series of Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is and is currently recording series seven.

At the Radlett Centre, he will share all his behind-the-scenes secrets and stories and take questions from the audience.

Ticket holders are invited to bring one small portable item for possible inclusion in the show. Jonty will choose selected items around two hours before the show.

Tickets are �18 with concessions �16.