Claite Dowie at tje Maltings Arts Theatre, SSt Albans

Claire Dowie

Claire Dowie - Credit: Archant

Claire Dowie returns to The Maltings Arts Theatre with her theatrical, award-winning and internationally toured play H to He (I am turning into a man), co-presented by irrational theatre and solo theatre.

Think a cross between Victoria Wood and Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads, it offers a heady mix of monologue, stand-up comedy and cabaret, and is on Friday, October 17 at 8pm.

H isn’t a 20 something girlie anymore, she is verging on an uncertain age… when the inner babe is trapped inside someone who looks like – who looks like a man?

Claire Dowie is a writer, director, practitioner and actress, and was a pioneer of stand-up theatre in England. Her real breakthrough came when she started writing. Her plays have been translated into German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. Recently she published her first novel, Chaos.

Tickets are £12, available from The Maltings Arts Theatre on 0333 666 3366 or via the website at