CD Review: This Is How We Do It!

This Is How We Do It!

This Is How We Do It! - Credit: Archant

(Universal Music)

Flashback to my misspent youth, and as we hit the tail-end of the ‘eighties the electronic chirps and burbles which once filled nightclub dance floors are replaced by a new blend of R’n’B. This was the dawn of New Jack Swing, what is now affectionately referred to as “old school”, a fusion of hip-hop, R’n’B and jazz music.

Summer jams infused with laid-back grooves, this line-up of classic tracks will take you back in time to the era of cool cats and fly girls.

Highlights include the incomparable title track by Montell Jordan, Mark Morrison’s Return of the Mack, Whatta Man from Salt-N-Pepa (ft En Vogue), Soul II Soul and Caron Wheeler’s epic Keep On Movin’, and Bobby Brown’s legendary Don’t Be Cruel, neatly arranged across three CDs to ensure each has a flava of its own.

Original classics which will pack out any party, there’s also material here which would influence the music of the coming decades, and remains as fresh today as it was back in the day.

So dig out your puffa jackets and parachute pants, it’s time to spin some tunes!