CBBC casting director visits St George’s School, Harpenden

A CASTING director visited a Harpenden school on the scout for teenagers to act in a new TV series planned for the autumn.

Andy Brierly, a casting director for CBBC, was seeking out actors with a gift for comedy and plenty of charm when he visited St George’s School in Sun Lane.

He was looking particularly for someone to play the role of Tom, a 16 year old who is popular with his fellow storyline characters and described as cheeky and “very handsome.”

Nine boys were selected by head of drama Nick Pitman who had arranged the auditions with CBBC. He said: “It was a tough role spec. We have many good actors across all age ranges so I chose nine boys from 14 to 17 and they had to work on the script in advance.”

Headmaster Norman Hoare went on: “This was a great experience for the boys to be a part of national auditions and perform before the casting director and meet his team .

“They were nervous but Nick had prepared them well including being honest about their chances of selection for this attractive and demanding role in a new series.”

He added: “It is probably harder than an 18 year old getting a place of Oxford and Cambridge but learning how to deal with disappointment is a valuable lesson in life and as we tell them the experience of doing something is rewarding and always worthwhile. You don’t have to always win to learn.”