Black Futures panel discussion at St Albans Museum + Gallery to commemorate Windrush Day

Maggie Wiggins, Nicôle Wallace, Elaine Isadora Thomas, Korell Williams, Michael Wallace, and Shelley Hayles.

Black Futures Panel: Top row, from left to right: Maggie Wiggins, Nicôle Wallace, and Elaine Isadora Thomas. Bottom row, from left to right: Korell Williams, Michael Wallace, and Shelley Hayles. - Credit: Supplied by Julie d'Adamo

A Black Futures panel discussion will be held in St Albans to commemorate Windrush Day.

St Albans Museum + Gallery is hosting the event on August 6 to celebrate Windrush Day 2021 and reflect a year on from the St Albans Black Lives Matter protests in the Market Place and Verulamium Park near Westminster Lodge.

It will showcase contributions from five guests all with strong links to St Albans, bringing together members of the community to have a discussion about inclusivity, explore the achievements and challenges faced, build awareness in our city and finally how you can support local enterprises.

The panel will be introduced and moderated by Maggie Wiggins. Guests speakers will be:

  • Elaine Isadora Thomas, The Mentoring Lab CEO and founder;
  • Shelley Hayles, Leeanna's Wish CEO and founder and leading voice in the St Albans 2020 BLM protests;
  • Michael Wallace, Kickoff@3 CEO and founder;
  • Nicôle Wallace, urban and graffiti photographer;
  • Korell Williams, award-winning hair stylist.
Black Futures

Black Futures - Credit: Ember Designs

Black Futures organiser Shelley Hayles said: “I hope that this is the first of many events in St Albans that celebrates the contributions of the Windrush Generation to our country.

"I only hope that one day people other than those of the Caribbean diaspora will honour and recognise the outstanding resilience, creativity and innovation of Caribbeans then and now.

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"We need to keep these conversations going if we are to tackle the systemic anti-black racism that permeates every facet of society.

"Windrush Day should be embedded in the national conscience up and down the country.”

St Albans Museums manager Farhana Begum said: “I am thrilled to be able to host this event at St Albans Museum + Gallery.

"As an organisation we made a commitment to better represent our local community and I hope this panel provides a platform to amplify voices in celebrating lesser known histories within the district.”

The event begins at 5.45pm on Friday, August 6, 2021, and you can book your ticket at