Best Theatre Arts at St Albans’ SandPit Theatre

A TRIP down the Yellow Brick Road incorporating some unusual characters proved to be a great hit when it was performed by students of Best Theatre Arts following their Easter Academy.

The story was devised by the children, aged from six to 14, and Best principal Annette Holland explained: “The younger group said the story had to have a mouse, a Witch and a Wizard so we just built it from there and what they produced in only four days to show at the SandPit Theatre was simply stunning.”

Four to six year olds in First Class at the academy told the story of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Best is now taking bookings for its term-time classes and the three weeks of Summer courses. Annette added: “We have some really inspiring themes for our older groups to work with – the Tempest, the Olympics and the Future – while the little ones have the Lion King, the Little Mermaid and their own version of Glee!

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