Bacchae at the Abbey Theatre, St Albans

A COLOURFUL roller-coaster of emotions and chaos comes to the Abbey Theatre from next week when the Company of Ten performs Euripides’ drama The Bacchae in the Studio.

Dionysus, in the shape of professional actor and stripper Ian Rowe, has brought his new Bacchic religion of sensuality and freedom to Thebes and the city is finding it hard to cope.

Unsurprisingly, as this is a Greek tragedy, the end is indeed tragic but many of the staid citizens of Thebes are drawn into the lure of Dionysian excess.

The new version of the play by David Greig was premiered at the Edinburgh Festival in 2007 and the Company of Ten production is part of the St Albans Festival. It runs from 8pm next Thursday, June 10, until Saturday, June 19, and tickets are available from the box office on 01727 857861 and online at