Audio Review: Torchwood: Mr Invincible


YOU could be forgiven in thinking the title of this latest Torchwood audio adventure refers to the man in the greatcoat himself, the indomitable Captain Jack Harkness, rendered immortal following the intervention of a time vortex-charged Rose Tyler.

In fact, it’s the story of Cardiff loser Ross Chapman, who decides to become a costumed superhero after surviving a point-blank shooting and gaining miraculous powers, attracting the attention of Sgt Andy Davison in the process…

Elsewhere in the Welsh capital, time distortions are prevalent, aging and de-aging people with reckless abandon, so the intervention of Jack Harkness, fresh from the events of Miracle Day, is welcomed.

But Jack has his own issues to deal with – a premonition of the murder of Gwen Cooper by an unknown gunman (see Torchwood: Red Skies) – and he has rushed back to Cardiff to save her, rather than get involved with superpowered vigilantes.

Coming as it does just months after the Miracle, which saw the whole world gain temporary immortality, it jars somewhat that nobody mentions this in conjunction with Chapman, but that’s a minor criticism in what is a pleasing resolution to the latest run of Torchwood audios, which brings the series back to Cardiff where it belongs.

It’s giving nothing away to reveal the cause of these unusual occurrences is extraterrestrial in nature, but that’s been a given in every Torchwood story, and it’s always how the team tackles things that makes for a decent narrative, something which seems a bit hit-and-miss in this instalment, as the crisis is resolved in a way which probably didn’t require the involvement of Torchwood anyway.

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Whether there will be any further TV episodes remains in flux, with the show’s American co-producer Starz apparently disinterested in perpetuating their relationship, and the BBC non-committal when it comes to a fifth series. If that is the case, then these audio adventures are a more than welcome continuation of the Torchwood legacy,

Tom Price, who plays Sgt Andy in the show, performs this reading, and does a more than adequate job, despite giving Jack a Welsh accent, but hopefully we’ll see Eve Myles and John Barrowman back in the roles of Gwen and Jack for future stories.