Art is on hand at the Radlett Centre

BEING right handed but having to use your left is not easy as artist Malcolm Alden has discovered.

But with lots of help after a stroke left him without the use of his right hand, he has been painting regularly and has sold a number of paintings.

His latest exhibition entitled All On My Left runs until January 29 at The Radlett Centre where he has around 35 paintings on display taking in such subjects as the sea, Malcolm’s animals, landscape and even such sundry items as King Kong with a difference.

The work, which is mostly acrylics without frames, varies in size.

Malcolm had a stroke when he was 49 which left him with speech, writing and walking problems as well as losing the use of his left hand.

At the age of 14 he had been bottom in his art class and had never thought of picking up a paintbrush again until the stroke. He joined a disabled group called DRUM – Disability Recreation Unity Movement – in 1995 and was persuaded to try painting again with his left hand and now sells much of his work.