Two starring roles in one night is no trouble for Anna in St Albans

Anna MacLeod Franklin appeared as Livia in The Passion of Alban and Livia and then appeared in Macbe

Anna MacLeod Franklin appeared as Livia in The Passion of Alban and Livia and then appeared in Macbeth on the same night - Credit: Supplied by Maltings Art Theatre

A performer starred in two St Albans plays on the same night after dashing from one city venue to the other with just minutes to spare.

There’s a lot to be said for having a passion for something.

For Anna MacLeod Franklin this couldn’t be truer, as her passion for acting saw her take on two leading ladies at the same time.

On Wednesday, Anna donned the full Roman dress of Livia in The Passion of Alban and Livia before hot-footing it over to the Maltings Arts Theatre to play the very different role of Lady Macduff.

After playing Livia, Anna drove from St Saviour’s Church in Sandpit Lane to the Maltings in time to appear in Act IV Scene II of Macbeth.

Anna said: “Switching between the two shows has certainly been a challenge.

“I was going to dash across in full Roman costume and change at the Maltings but then I realised that bursting into the foyer as a Roman minutes before appearing as Lady Macduff might be a bit confusing for the audience.”

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The Passion of Alban and Livia, by writer and playwright Imogen De La Bere, is the story of St Alban told largely from the point of view of his wife, the earthy and powerful Livia, a non-believer.

The play is the second in the writer’s St Albans trilogy and is set to be performed at the Roman Theatre in June next year, but has had its first few intimate performances in the chancel of St Saviour’s Church.

There was a charity performance last night (Wednesday) to mark the end of its initial run.

Coinciding with this is OVO’s production of Macbeth, now running at the Maltings Arts Theatre, where Anna plays Lady Macduff, who stands firm despite being abandoned by her husband.

Anna added: “Another challenge has been the switch between two such different characters.

“Livia and Lady Macduff are poles apart, but I have absolutely loved taking this on and I’m so grateful that we have such a thriving arts scene with so many opportunities to participate in making great theatre.”

Macbeth is on at the Maltings Arts Theatre until Saturday, November 17, with a number of performances sold out.

Tickets are available at

They cost £12 full, £11 concessions and £7.50 under-18s.