Acting up at Harpenden church

Fantastic Acts, performed by Riding Lights Theatre Company

Fantastic Acts, performed by Riding Lights Theatre Company - Credit: Archant

Theatre company Riding Lights will be performing their new play, Fantastic Acts, in Harpenden as part of their nationwide tour.

The show centres around Julia who needs some space. Somewhere away from constant pressure, the whirlwind of work, somewhere to find a bit of balance. The Mediterranean, perhaps? Sun, sea and… a few surprises.

What she discovers goes way beyond ‘switching off’. Extraordinary stories, random acts of kindness, blindness and divineness… but a bucketload of questions. Can the unsettling power and people of the Book of Acts help her find what she’s looking for? Could their fantastic acts help her stay on her feet in a cross current of misgivings and hope, persecution, faith and risk?

In classic Riding Lights style – with laughter, insight, vivid story-telling and surprising energy for a holiday in the sun – Fantastic Acts! invites you to take an invigorating dip into the remarkable lives of the men and women who formed the first churches…

The show is at 7.45pm on Monday November 10 at High Street Methodist Church in Harpenden.Tickets are £10 from 07792 613433 or email