A sad goodbye to St Albans Gang Show

Every year, show week of the St Albans Guide and Scout Gang Show is the absolute high point at the end of four months of learning words, harmonies and remembering countless dance moves.

It brings such a range of emotions for everyone involved in the show from the excitement brought by performing every night to the sadness of realising that the show is nearing its end for another year.

The emotions are running even wilder this year as many of the older cast are leaving to go to university next year and won’t be able to continue the show in 2013. This year was my seventh show week and also my last.

Because Gang Show has been such a huge part of so many of our lives it’s hard to know that we’ll be on the other side of the curtain next year.

David Barker, our producer, is also stepping down after 10 years in his position. While I’m sure he’ll continue to be involved with the show he will be greatly missed. His role is being collectively taken over by our current director, Hermione, and Sam Keates (aka Prickle).

Over the course of the final day, David was presented with gifts from the crew and the cast as an appreciation for the huge amount of work he has done over the last decade.

These included a mirror with the gang show emblem engraved onto it, a pair of gang show boxers and a stage crew t-shirt. The production team had also put together a video montage of his history in the show with footage of his performances from when he was in the cast which was shown before the final performance. Needless to say this was emotional for everyone involved.

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Traditionally, Harpenden Gang Show come to see us on the Thursday night performance which always adds an extra vibe to the audience, spurred on by the intense rivalry between our shows.

Every year they pose a risk of threatening to take our status of the best gang show in the country. I’m proud to say that every year we also retain that position and this time around was no different. World Scout Committee member John May also saw the Thursday night show. He came backstage after the performance to address the cast and reiterate that he thought we were still, officially, the best gang show in the world.

Aaron, 18