A great audience and a great St Albans Gang Show!

Snow no problem for Gang Show fun.

“It’s Friday morning and I think everyone in the cast is probably feeling a bit tired when they have to get up after two nights of performing, but I know when it comes to getting ready tonight then I’ll feel really excited and get the buzz of going on stage again. I can’t wait!

“I think the Thursday and Saturday evening shows seem to have the noisiest audiences. Last night Harpenden Gang Show came – we have a friendly rivalry with them – and they always cheer really loud, especially when the curtain goes up. And at the end we could see them all joining in with the actions. We even put a couple of jokes in the show just for them…

“It started to snow during the performance, but I didn’t even realise! After the show when I came out of the Alban Arena my Guide group, First Park Street Guides, were waiting to see me with flowers and were saying how much they enjoyed it – and it was so nice to see them I still didn’t notice that it was snowing!

“I really love being in the gang show and don’t really want to ever stop being part of it. I really love this year’s show and think it’s even better than last year.

“Even if the snow keeps falling, it won’t stop us putting on tonight’s performance. As they say: ‘The show must go on!’”

Laura, 13