Take a trip back in time at St Albans LitFest

Katherine Clements

Katherine Clements - Credit: Archant

The past comes alive at St Albans Literary Festival next month with a variety of events for history lovers presented by some of the top authors in the genre.

Acclaimed authors Isobel Williams and Nick Rennison will embark on an exciting journey through the treacherous history of Polar exploration on Thursday, November 6, at St Albans Central Library.

Nick Rennison will be talking about his book A Short History of Polar Exploration: The Pocket Essentials, a compelling read telling the stories of those who risked their lives for the potential glory that comes with polar exploration.

He is accompanied by Isobel Williams, who will look at Dr Edward Wilson, confidant and friend of Captain Scott, as revealed in her book With Scott in the Antarctic: Edward Wilson: Explorer, Naturalist, Artist.

On Saturday, November 8, at St Albans School Dr Irving Finkel uncovers his story of the discovery of a small clay tablet which revealed detailed instructions for building an ark, pre-dating the Biblical Noah. The finding resulted in Dr Finkel building the ark for a recent Channel Four documentary and writing The Ark Before Noah: Decoding the Story of the Flood.

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Join Professor Mike Parker Pearson as he details the findings of his Stonehenge Riverside Project which offered explanations for many of the mysteries surrounding this famous landmark, as highlighted in his book Stonehenge: Exploring the Greatest Stone Age Mystery.

In the beautiful, historic setting of the Lady Chapel at St Albans Cathedral, BBC News presenter Martine Croxall will host best-selling authors Leanda de Lisle and Conn Iggulden for an exploration of the Tudor dynasty.

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Historian Leanda de Lisle will reveal a fresh view of this glamorous and ruthless family as revealed in her acclaimed book Tudor: The Family Story.

Exploring how to bring a fictional twist to this enthralling time period, historical novelist Conn Iggulden’s work has earned him the status of Sunday Times Bestseller for his book Stormbird. He will be talking about Trinity, the second book in this series to be released in October.

Take a final journey back through time on the last day of the festival to celebrate the fascinating genre of historical fiction.

Each specialising in different eras of history, three top historical fiction authors will be appearing at Waterstones for a special evening session.

Karen Maitland, best-selling author of medieval thrillers, will discuss her latest novel The Vanishing Witch. Treachery and magic is rife in this tale which is set during the Peasant’s Revolt.

Experience a world of politics, witchcraft and drama as Katherine Clements talks about her critically acclaimed debut The Crimson Ribbon, in which a young woman finds herself on the run in the midst of the English Civil War.

Given St Albans’ history of Roman occupation, our final author Anthony Nixon’s novel Blood and Treasure is sure to intrigue, detailing the complex and difficult period of Roman conquest in Britain.

Tickets for all LitFest events are selling fast, so get yours now from the website at www.stalbansliteraryfestival.co.uk or the box office at Dagnall Street Baptist Church from Monday to Saturday 10am-2pm.

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